Hello. We’re Tinyspace.

Our portfolio and resume product helps UX, UI, UXR, CX, Product and Service Designers get their next gig. We are launching soon…


Present your projects and case studies within the clean, crisp and structured portfolio space.


Show employers the timeline of your work experience.

Design Skills and Tools

Show your Design Skills and Tools on your Profile

Clean, simple design

Our design is structured, simple and beautiful. As it should be.

Cover Letters

Write and manage your cover letters for each job application.

Job Applications

Create, track and manage your job applications.

Unique Versions of Tinyspace

Create a unique, curated version of your Tinyspace for each job application (unique url).

Download PDFs

Potential employers and recruiters can download a PDF of your resume and cover letters.


Add a password to your Tinyspace so only certain people can view.

Simple Pricing

Free trial into a monthly or yearly subscription. Cancel anytime.

Unique Domain (URL)

Send your unique tinyspace domain name to potential employers, clients or recruiters.

No Coding Allowed

You can't make complex changes to the layout of your Tinyspace, so you'll never 'break' the visual design.

Tiny questions, tiny answers.

Will it cost money?

Yep. The pricing will be simple. You will have the option of a monthly or a yearly subscription which you can cancel at any time. There will also be a free trial to ensure you love the product before you pay for it.

Is this a community like Dribbble, or Behance?

Nope. This isn’t a place to find inspiration, ‘like’ things, or comment on other peoples work. It is simply a place for you to create your portfolio and resume, so you can send it to potential employers and recruiters.

Can I password protect my Tinyspace?

Sure can. If you want your Tinyspace to be private, you can password protect it. You can then send the password to potential employers or recruiters so only they can see the details.

Can people download a PDF version of my resume?

Yep. You can always download your resume as a beautiful PDF. If you give permission, other people can also download a PDF of your resume.

Are there a million visual templates for my portfolio and resume?

Nope. Just one.

We don’t believe there is a need to complicate this process. Our mission is to make this very easy for you, and your potential employer. A clean portfolio with structured projects and case studies, and a resume that makes you look your best. The thing that will set you aside from the crowd is your work, your skills, your process and your experience.

Can I completely customize the design of my Tinyspace?

Nope. We find this is where 99% of people run into issues and waste time. Our designers have created Tinyspace to be a clean little shell that gets out of the way and allows the user to focus on your work. This means your Tinyspace will have the same layout as other people using Tinyspace and we feel this is a good thing. Having a million options leads to ‘breaking‘ the visual design, and often wasting hours of time on color pallets, fonts, spacing and layouts. We want to keep this simple, so we have removed the options. Let your work do the talking, not the website that it is living in.

In terms of your projects/case studies and project items (assets), you will have control over the layout of your process and learnings etc…

Can I create a 'project/case study' with multiple pieces of work within it?

Sure can. We also allow you to give a detailed description of your ‘projects/case studies’, because we know that employers love to hear about process.

Can I write a case study about my work?

Yes. We refer to case studies as ‘projects’, you will be able to add as much written detail as you like. You can treat each ‘project’ like a case study.

How is this different from Linkedin?

This is not a social network.

It is more like a tiny website which is focused on helping designers get their next gig.

How is this different from Wix, Squarespace, or building a website in WordPress?

Great question.

Firstly, Tinyspace is much cheaper than these options, and it is also waaaaaaaaay easier. We don’t have a thousand irrelevant features getting in the way. If you are looking for a feature rich website, ecommerce shop or blog; Wix, Squarespace and WordPress are great options.

If you want a clean portfolio with a focus on your resume with integrations to the tools you use every day, we feel Tinyspace is the best option. It was created specifically to help designers get their next job interview or client.

Will my Tinyspace show up on Google search results?

Yes. Your Tinyspace will be optimized for Google search results and other search engines. However, if you would prefer your details to be private (which is common for resume’s in particular), you can password protect your Tinyspace. 

Will I have a unique domain (url) to send to people?

Yep. Your default Tinyspace url will look like this: yourname.tinyspace.io

You can also create unique versions of your Tinyspace for each job application. Each version is designed to be used for the particular role you are applying for, and will have a unique url.

Can I use my own domain name (url)?

Not yet. We might build this feature at some point if we get a lot of requests, but for now it is not an option.

Am I awesome, and should I give Tinyspace a go?

Yes you are, and yes you should. 🙂 We are launching soon, if you want a discount code as a thank you for being an early user, get one here. When we launch, we will let you know and send you a code. You lucky duck.

Who is Tinyspace for?

Built For Designers

Tinyspace was designed and built for these kinds of designers… User Experience Designers (UX Design), User Experience Researchers (UXR), Experience Designers, Customer Experience Designers (CX Design), Product Designers, User Experience/User Interface Designers (UX/UI), Information Architects (IA), UX Architects, User Researchers, Usability Analysts, Interaction Designers (IxD), Experience Strategist (UX Strategy), User Experience Writers (UX Writer)…



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